Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a licensed retreat?

Yes, we are a lodging facility and we are required to be licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health.

When is check in and check out?
A: Check in is at 3:00 p.m. on Friday a

Check in is at 3:00 p.m. on Friday and check out is 3:00 p.m. on Sunday. Other check in and check out times can be made upon request.

Can I add additional time to my weekend?

Of course!! We are happy to extend your stay. Extra nights can be added for an additional $25 (tax included) per person per night, with a minimum of 4 people ($100) and a maximum of  10 people ($250.00).

What about smoking and pets?

Sorry, smoking is not allowed in the house or garage. Pets are not allowed in the house. We ask that you kindly respect these rules.

Can I bring my own Cricut, sewing machine or other supplies?

Absolutely, please feel free to bring any of your own items. You may prefer to use your own for the convenience of having it at your own table.

Is there a scrapbooking and/or quilting store in the area?

Yes, in Perham, which is 12 miles away, Fergus Falls, which is 31 miles away and Detroit Lakes which is about 33 miles away.

Can we bring our own food, snacks and beverages?

Yes, there are 2 refrigerators/freezers in the house for your use. Feel free to bring what you choose. Prices do not include food.

Are there restaurants/bars close by if we don’t want to cook?

You bet!! Dent has a wonderful restaurant called “Nootzies” that has great food. The Doug Out Bar & Grill serves alcohol and has a full menu of  great food. Triple Play serves alcohol and has a limited menu. Perham has several places to choose from. The Wild Stallion Lounge and Rocking Horse Café in Richville (6 miles away) serves alcohol and has a full menu – their homemade pizza is awesome!! Look in the top desk drawer at the Retreat for coupons and menus for many of these businesses.

I am a consultant, can I bring products for my friends/family to purchase?

Yes, that is not a problem for us. Thank you for asking.

Please contact us with any other questions you may have!